Best practices
in a new digital service
Site Surveyor is a complete digital solution for UAV data analytics in supplement with other industrial sources of information. Site Surveyor delivers high precision, up to date and accurate data to solve broad range of business needs.

The synergy of data analytics & machine learning technologies of Site Surveyor and unique Kept expertise in audit and consulting helps our client not only to detect problem, but to develop a comprehensive solution to fix it
Up to 30% cost reduction
Clear analytics
Data reliability
and integrity
provides comprehensive control over the work progress
to quickly identify processes deviations and make business decisions
on inspection and monitoring due to manual processes automation
Site Surveyor allows to store and analyze data, calculate industry-specific parameters, create 3D models, and generate customized reports specific for your business.
How it works
1. Flight parameters сoordination and automatic mission schedule
2. Data processing and analytics
3. Automatic report generation and data driven insights determination
Интерфейс приложения
How it works
Flight parameters сoordination and automatic mission schedule
Data processing and analytics
Automatic report generation and data driven insights determination
Implementation Options
Uploading your data and raw-photo to the system

Data processing and enrichment with analytics provided by Site Surveyor
Using Your Data
Data processing on the Kept servers

No additional hardware required
Full Package
Kept specialists with licenses to operate UAVs will bring the necessary equipment and conduct the survey

Kept expertise and consulting upon results of monitoring
The software is installed on the client's server

Data processing in the perimeter of information security of the Client
Deployment Options

Our team
Partner, Head of Technology Risk
Nikolai Legkodimov
Partner, Major Project Advisory
Alexey Mednikov
Director, Head of Digital Solutions
Daria Maximova
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